Most of the wishes granted by One Simple Wish are made by foster children through the social service agencies that support them. Foster children are America’s invisible children and they need our voice. Here are some facts to explain why:

The Issue


children live in the foster care system each year.

Foster care often includes multiple home and institution placements, sometimes within the same year or even month.


of kids spend 1-3 years
in foster care.

The average age of a child entering foster care is 6.


children age out of foster care every year with little to no support.

Imagine turning 18 and having no family, no siblings, no relatives and no mentors to turn to.

Our Role

For children who’ve experienced abuse, neglect and abandonment, something as small as a ticket to the movies, a video game or a trip to an amusement park can make the world of a difference. At One Simple Wish, we empower people to bring joy to foster children in very simple yet meaningful ways.

Make a Wish

Organizations register as Community Partners
Community Partners make a wish for a child
Our team approves the wish and posts it to the list

Grant a Wish

Wish granters search our list
Wish Granters make a donation to grant a wish
One Simple Wish fulfills the wish

Our Impact


wishes granted


average cost of a granted wish

Of all wishes funded:






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