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About Megan

Megan is 36 years old and lives in Corinth, VT

Meg’s a young woman with the energy of ten people and the mind of a wise old woman. She dreams big! HUGE! She has a fantastic imagination and is funny as can be. Smart, oh so smart! A sponge for information. Meg never forgets someone’s shoes size once she knows it. Meg’s a survivor. People close to her describe her as a porcupine - using her quills as protection. Her quills would be her voice. Loud. Very, very loud. The girl has some serious lung power! She learned the hard way that she needed a secret weapon. Oh, and speaking of which, superheroes. She loves them. That also comes from being a survivor. It makes her feel safe living in the imaginary world of superheroes with magical protective powers. She loves to sing, skate, tap dance and perform. Put quite simply, she is magical.