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Binoculars for Alfred who is excited to complete his bird scavenger hunt on his trip

Posted Sep 28, 2023
Alfred loves the outdoors and spends weekends camping with his brothers and exploring the Rio Grande Bosque. This year, he is hoping to make it to the Bosque Del Apache to view the migrating birds. He is also hoping to complete the scavenger bird identification hunt!

Alfred is 17 years old and lives in NM

Alfred is an incredibly resilient young man. He has been in the foster care system since he was a toddler. As of recently, Alfred is being cared for by his older brother with the support of CYFD and both are working towards legal guardianship of Alfred. This is the first time they have reconnected in over 10 years and Alfred has been thriving. He has not run away, his grades have improved significantly, he's reconnected with his extended family, built a relationship to his youngest siblings (also in foster care), and has demonstrated levels of responsibility most young men his age learn over a period of time. Great things await Alfred, and with the continued support of his family and the Department, Alfred will reach all his goals.