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An iPhone mini for Doris to communicate with her sister and friends

Posted Nov 21, 2023
Sadly, Doris is not placed with her sister, who she is very close to. They both have the same CASA who likes to get them together, but Doris would like to be able to call or text her sister. Doris is also very active at school and has several friends that she would like to talk to as well. The communication she receives from others is very important to her and helps her feel connected and less depressed not hearing from her sister regularly. In addition to her connection to others, she would be able to do some of her schoolwork with the improved technology.

Doris is 14 years old and lives in CA

Doris was adopted by her aunt and uncle following her being in foster care when she was much younger, but they relinquished the adoption because they said she was misbehaving. Even after Doris said she would do better, they were not open to discussion on having her back. Doris is a very appreciative girl who thinks of others and is always saying thank you to her CASA for spending time with her. It seems she doesn't take anything for granted and makes the best of her situation. Her school counselor says she has great behavior and loves to chat with her.

The Wish Story

Voices for Children requests this wish for Doris.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Jillian grants the wish for Doris! Thanks Jillian.

"A bond between sisters is special; I hope this helps keep you stay connected with each other <3"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Voices for Children for Doris.

Doris receives the wish from Voices for Children

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