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A PlayStation gift card for Scott to connect with friends

Posted Dec 4, 2023
For Scott, playing video games has been an important pastime in his life. It has given him a way to connect and bond with people in his life he is not always able to see in person. It also provides stress relief. Not to mention, playing games with others builds important skills such as strategy and cooperation.

Scott is 17 years old and lives in OH

Scott is in permanent custody of the county and currently resides in a group home. He is involved in the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption recruitment program. He is respectful and helpful yet struggles with depression. He has made improvements academically. He does not express much motivation to get into sports or other extracurricular activities. He enjoys building things with Legos. He enjoys science. He is unsure what career path he would like to pursue in the future. He has a strong relationship with his next younger brother and older sister. He believes strongly in things being fair and just. He is protective of the ones he cares about. Scott desires to have connections with his biological family and others who have made an impact on his life.

The Wish Story

Focus on Youth, Inc. requests this wish for Scott.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Scott! Thanks Awesome Human.

"I hope you have lots of fun playing!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Focus on Youth, Inc. for Scott.

Focus on Youth, Inc. receives the wish!

Scott receives the gift from Focus on Youth, Inc.!

"A personal thank you from Scott to his wish granter - Scott requested to send a heartfelt thank you to whomever granted his wish! He was visibly thankful and brought to tears that a stranger would do this for him at the Holidays. He is in a group home, and Not only does PlayStation help him reduce stress, he plays games that require him to work as part of a team with others. Building relationships and trust. It is also the way he keeps in communication with his Dad. So PlayStation is a very important part of his life. Again, he would like to personally extend his thanks to his donor."

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