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Weighted blanket for Tyreeq to be able to sleep at night

Posted Feb 21, 2024
Tyreeq is really struggling with bedtime. When it’s time to lay in his bed and go to sleep, he will hit, cry, scream, and throw himself against the walls and doors. This will last a couple of hours, and he will end up sleeping by the door. Tyreeq’s foster parents have tried several things to help him at night, including nightlights, music, sound machines, rocking him to sleep, etc. They would like to try a weighted blanket to see if it can give him the comfort and security he needs at nighttime.

Tyreeq is 2 years old and lives in OH

Tyreeq is an active and sweet boy. He loves to play and explore. He really enjoys music, being outdoors, reading books, and has a new fascination with ladybugs. Tyreeq is also very empathetic; when he sees another child is sad or hurt, he will approach them and lay a hand on them. He also likes to help with kitchen tasks, household chores, and clean-up time. Tyreeq is placed in a foster home with his baby brother, whom he is very bonded to.

The Wish Story

Adriel Foster Care and Adoption requests this wish for Tyreeq.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Tyreeq! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Hey Bud! I know bedtime can be scary sometimes, but, I hope this blanket helps you get comfy and feel safe!! They're awesome! "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Adriel Foster Care and Adoption for Tyreeq.

Tyreeq receives the gift from Adriel Foster Care and Adoption!

"Tyreeq is sleeping so well at night with his new weighted blanket! Thanks for providing this blanket for him and helping him get good rest at night! "

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