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Shopping for school supplies for Alynnabelle to use at summer camp

Posted Apr 12, 2024
Alynnabelle will be attending a summer camp where they will be teaching many things from arts and crafts, home economics, and fun advancement skills for young students. Alynnabelle's grandparents have expressed that her backpack is ripping and all of her school notebooks have been used up. It would be nice for them to take her on a shopping trip so that she can pick out a nice backpack along with colored pencils, binders, notebooks, and other school goods to take o her summer camp.

Alynnabelle is 8 years old and lives in CA

Alynnabelle was placed in foster care as a young child, and since she is the oldest sibling, she was forced to grow up early. She has been reunited with her youngest sibling and they have been placed under the care of their grandparents. Alynnabelle has been described as someone who is sweet, caring, and kind. She was formally diagnosed with ADHD, and one of her favorite comfort shows is My Little Pony. She loves to rollerskate, play outside, and hang out with her younger sister.

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"Today is my Dad's 85th birthday and he wants someone else to get the gift! Enjoy summer camp!"

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