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A PlayStation for Kaylen who dreams of a great space in her home to unwind

Posted May 30, 2024
Kaylen has never had the chance to own a PlayStation 4 and would love to have one of her own. Unfortunately, she's never had the means to purchase the console itself. Her dream is to have the ability to build worlds and play with friends from the comfort of her own home. A PlayStation 4 would not only be a source of entertainment for her but also a way to connect with others and unleash her creativity through gaming.

Kaylen is 18 years old and lives in NC

Kaylen takes pride in her impatience, viewing it as a driving force that propels her toward her passions and dreams. When it comes to her closest relationships, Kaylen finds solace in herself, acknowledging her fiancé's significance but relying most on her own support. In terms of hobbies, Kaylen immerses herself in music, singing being a particular passion, along with enjoying video games and skating. Interestingly, Kaylen finds herself most content spending time at work, where she finds stress relief and engages in discussions about fashion, business, and modeling. Her ultimate dream job is to become a model, and despite feeling a sense of urgency, she remains optimistic. She has changed her environment and embraced the support offered by her social workers to pursue her dreams with determination.

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