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$ 357

Xbox One with Just Dance for 10 y/o Aubrie who has a bubbly personality and loves to dance despite her circumstances

Posted Jan, 24, 2017

Aubrie and her brother have dealt with hardships of homelessness and have not been afforded the opportunities other children their ages have taken for granted. Despite the adversity she has faced she is a lively, bubbly, 10 y/o girl who loves to dance and would love to have a game and system that she can dance along with and even learn new moves.

Learn More About Aubrie

Aubrie is 10 years old and lives in Hazleton, PA

Aubrie is a very intelligent, 10 y/o child who enjoys dancing, interacting with her family members, and she is very social. Aubrie recently came into foster care due to circumstances beyond her control. We are hoping her stay is a short one. She was also recently diagnosed with having epilepsy and is receiving treatment.

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