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$ 420

T-mobile gift card for 15 y/o Roshonda who wants to keep in touch with her caregiver and friends

Posted May, 3, 2017
Roshonda is 15 so, of course, she uses her cell phone for many things. She uses her phone to complete research and home work assignments, to keep in touch with friends, to contact her caregiver and case worker and most of all to keep in touch with her 5 siblings with whom she was removed in 2011. She currently has an older model phone and it is having some technical problems which makes it hard for Roshonda to connect with family at times. If she had a newer model she would not have to worry about her internet and phone not being in working order when she needs it.

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Avaliable for Adoption

Roshonda is 16 years old and lives in Trenton, NJ

Roshonda is a smart and witty 15 year-old girl who loves her family and has a bright future ahead! She is good at anything she puts her mind to. She can be shy and it takes her awhile to open up and trust anyone new.

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