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$ 124

TV for 19 y/o Nyasia who wants to make her dorm room more comfortable

Posted Feb, 28, 2017
Nyasia is looking to purchase a TV for her dorm room and for future use since she does not have one. She has a Target near school and she is trying to save for a TV. A gift card to put towards helping her purchase her first TV would be greatly appreciated. Nyasia also has the hopes of being able to reunite with her younger sister who is sixteen now and has had quite a few difficult years. Her dream is to be able to find living arrangements this summer where she and her sister can live. This TV will be a great addition for Nyasia, and hopefully her sister.

Learn More About Nyasia

Nyasia is 19 years old and lives in Eatontown, NJ

Nyasia has been in foster care for 8 years. She has incredible determination, and has overcome a lot during her time in care, including a learning disability, being separated from her sister, and having to work long hours at multiple jobs to make ends meet. She is now completing her first year of college and moving towards independent living. She is majoring in sociology with the goal of becoming a social worker. What better person To do the job than someone who has lived it!

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