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$ 500

A Go Pro for Javier who brings as much positivity to life as he can on a daily basis!!

Posted Apr, 20, 2017
Javier is an aspiring young artist with very little support to achieve his goals, aspirations and turn his dreams into a reality. This gift would enable him to capture the world as he sees it through his eyes, give him the gift of hope, and remind him that there are people out there that believe in him. This gift would be a major leap into the realm of videography. Javier has an event on June 1st that he hopes to be able to use the Go Pro for.
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Learn More About Javier

Javier is 26 years old and lives in Jersey city, NJ

Javier is a bright individual dealing with life as best as he knows how. He's an aspiring young artist that has an exceptional eye for detail and for his age, excels at video editing and production. Javier has many disadvantages in his life currently, but he does not let that affect his very bubbly outgoing personality. He enjoys reading, photography, video editing and spreading the message of love, joy and positivity to all those around him. Javier is currently in College going for his Associates in Computer Science and only has two semesters left before he graduates!! He also just rescused a cat that he named Nova.

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