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$ 114

A ticket to Universal Studios Florida for Jose who has done wonderfully in school and will be in Florida for vacation with his foster family!

Posted May, 15, 2017
Jose lives with his brother and foster sister. The family is planning a trip to Orlando this August and Jose would like to go to Universal Studios for a day. In September of this year he will be adopted by his foster family!
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Jose is 14 years old and lives in Charlotte, NC

Jose loves to read. One usually never sees him without a book. His reading level is at a 9th grade level even though he is in 5th grade. He carries nearly a 4.0 grade point average. He loves playing basketball and European Handball and doing Magic Tricks at which he is very good. He wants to become a surgeon. Jose has a great sense of humor, he is empathetic, loving, and a vulnerable child. In April Jose ran two miles in a fund raiser. He said, “It was not hard but he got tired.”

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