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$ 360

An iPad for Kyland who wishes to communicate better at home and in his day to day life.

Posted May, 11, 2017
Kyland wants nothing more than to be able to communicate better at home and in his day to day life. He is often very frustrated because unless you are around Kyland all the time you may not know his needs. When he is at home, he is limited to only a few caregivers because people just don't know him well enough to communicate.

Learn More About Kyland

Kyland is 17 years old and lives in English, IN

Kyland is an awesome 17 year old boy! He does very well in school, and is a very happy kid. Kyland has a younger sister, and lives with his father. The family takes excellent care of the children, but do not have a lot of financial means. Kyland has one thing that holds him back, he has profound autism due to his inability to communicate vocally and his social skills. However his school has found that he is not as profound as everyone thinks. The school has been working with him on an ipad with a special program and he can now have conversations with pictures and spelling things out.

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