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$ 340

Communication app for James who really wants to talk!

Posted May, 11, 2017
When James was placed into foster care 4 months ago, he had no words. He could only communicate with grunts and gestures. Now, James is attempting to talk all day long and is making great progress but he still has a long way to go to catch up to his peers. James participates in speech therapy and his foster mom works with him every day. The speech therapist has recommended a communication device to help James get where he needs to be.

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James is 4 years old and lives in Simla, CO

Our sweet James had no language at all when he came into care 4 months ago. He communicated with grunts and gestures. We know that this lack of language is due to severe neglect. The great news is that after only 4 months, this little boy is now attempting to talk ALL DAY LONG! Many of his words can be understood, but most require interpretation by his foster mom. James is smart and understands everything- he just needs help closing the gap on his expressive language. Despite his communication difficulties, James is doing great socially in his preschool class. He is loved by everyone who meets him!

The Wish Story

May, 10, 2017

Courage Community Foster Care - Cascade, CO requests this wish for James.

May, 11, 2017

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

May, 30, 2017

Anonymous grants the wish for James! Thanks Anonymous.

Many of my amazing shoppers donated their discount so James could get his wish, along with other children. We are rooting for James! Xo, LuLaRoe with Ashlyn Elliott

May, 30, 2017

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Courage Community Foster Care - Cascade, CO for James.

Jun, 16, 2017

The Courage Community Foster Care - Cascade, CO receives the wish!

Jun, 16, 2017

Kerri sent an update on the wish for James.

Tears!! Thank you so much for giving James this opportunity to reverse his deficits! We are over the moon that we have people like this to help us. We could never have done it without you. He will be successful!! Kerri/Courage Community Foster Care

Oct, 16, 2017

James receives the gift from her case worker!

In case we haven't said it enough...thank you for supporting One Simple Wish and our amazing kids!

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