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$ 250

A weighted blanket for Parker who is Autistic

Posted May, 16, 2017
Parker is extremely bright and has been attempting to soothe his sensory seeking behavior in his own way. He has been dousing his clothing with water to create a feeling of weightedness to his clothes. While in school, Parker has access to a weighted blanket that he enjoys thoroughly. At home, he does not have access to a blanket so he has improvised his own creative solution. He has been using the water at home to soak his clothing but it is causing problems for Parker who suffers from eczema. His legs and groin area have a sore, irritated and painful rash from his clothing being wet and chaffing his skin. A weighted blanket would provide Parker with a solution that would allow his legs and groin to finally heal properly.
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Parker is 16 years old and lives in Mullica Hill, NJ

Parker is an extremely bright, non-verbal, autistic boy. He enjoys using his communication device and he is quite good with it as a means to communicate with his family and the staff at his school. Parker lives at home with his loving mother and father and his older brother Hayden. Parker's parents have come across hard times and are struggling financially. Due to Parker's autism he seeks sensory stimulation. Parker enjoys using a weighted blanket at school but does not have one at home. While at home, to make his clothes heavier, Parker has been dousing his clothing with water to make his clothing feel heavier on his body. This is a brilliant solution on one hand but it has become problematic as Parker is now experiencing painful rashes and chaffing that cannot heal because of this repetitive behavior. It is believed that if Parker were to have an opportunity to utilize a weighted blanket at home, his family could extinguish his behavior where he is wetting his clothes. A weighted blanket will provide Parker with the sensory stimulation he is seeking in a way that will not be painful or problematic. This wish is for one adult size weighted blanket.

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