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$ 467

Hair extensions for Alissa who is about to start High School in a new town and school district

Posted Aug, 25, 2017
Alissa is asking for this wish, as having her hair done regularly helps her self-image. When her hair begins to grow out, she has a difficult time doing it, which causing her to become very self-conscious and withdrawn. If she can obtain the good quality hair extensions, her new foster parent will be able to help her style and maintain her hair regularly. This will really help her self-confidence. She has been very self-conscious of her appearance and is anxious about her appearance recently, as she will be starting high school in a new community this year.

Learn More About Alissa

Alissa is 14 years old and lives in Hightstown, NJ

Alissa is a smart and talented young lady. She comes off as shy and quiet, but when you get to know her, you realize she is a strong and capable young lady who is outgoing and VERY funny! Alissa likes to dance, sing and run track. Despite all of these talents and great personality traits, she struggles with her self-esteem. Unfortunately Alissa has been separated from, and missing her family for over a year. Due to circumstances beyond her control, she has lived in five different places, including some time spent living in a shelter while an appropriate foster home was identified; she has moved several times in the last 9 months alone. She loves to do her hair, and this can either be a source of pride for her, or contribute to her feelings of sadness.

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