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$ 179

An iPod Nano for Mystica who loves listening to music

Posted Sep, 19, 2017
Mystica would love an iPod nano so that she can listen to music at home whenever she wants. Mystica is a great singer and loves singing in her school choir. Mystica listens to the radio on her boombox but is hoping for a way to download her favorite songs or songs she needs to practice for choir and be able to listen while shes at home or on the school bus.
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Learn More About Mystica

Mystica is 17 years old and lives in McMinnville, OR

Mystica is a wonder 17 y/o girl who is a burst of positive energy. She has been in care for about 6 years now and is currently living in a foster home for children with developmental disabilities. She is a junior in high school and is doing really well in school and will be graduating next year with a high school diploma! Mystica LOOOOOOVES mermaids! She recently was in a huge mermaid parade in Portland. Mystica has had an awesome jam packed summer with two summer camps, yoga classes, and lots of swimming!

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