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$ 55

Essentials for Iris who is a brand new mom

Posted Sep, 12, 2017
Iris is struggling financially to buy anything for herself because she rather spend it on her new born. Any money she makes, goes to the her baby girl. Any help she can get to push her to do something for herself is greatly appreciated.

Learn More About Iris

Iris is 26 years old and lives in Jersey city , NJ

Iris went into the system at about 5 years old due to abuse from her biological parents and was adopted at the age of 8 years old where trouble continued still within the home. Iris doesn't describe her childhood as being pleasant at all, therefore her goal is to provide for her children so that they don't ever experience the same life she did. She is due on July 6 2017 with her second child.

The Wish Story

Sep, 12, 2017

Youth Advocate Program-Hudson, Passaic and Bergen County, NJ requests this wish for Iris.

Sep, 12, 2017

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Sep, 25, 2017

Erin grants the wish for Iris! Thanks Erin.

Dear Iris, I admire your dedication to your children. Do something nice for yourself and they will have a happy mommy! Best wishes, Erin (mom of three)

Sep, 26, 2017

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Youth Advocate Program-Hudson, Passaic and Bergen County, NJ for Iris.

Oct, 10, 2017

Krystal sent an update on the wish for Iris.

Ruby is my life and I try to do as much possible and forget to indulge in some self care of my own. Thank you!

Oct, 10, 2017

Youth Advocate Program-Hudson, Passaic and Bergen County, NJ receives the wish!

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