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SmartTV for Shikika who is a hardworking movie loving youth that may be having surgery soon

Posted Sep, 25, 2017
Shikika's birthday is coming up and she is wishing for a Smart TV of her own. On her downtime from school and her internship working in a domestic violence shelter, she loves watching movies with friends. Unfortunately, she has a possible upcoming surgery for some medical problems and this birthday wish will help her relax and enjoy time with her friends during her recovery!

Learn More About Shikika

Shikika is 20 years old and lives in Van Nuys, CA

Shikika is the first medcal placement in our Walden Transitional housing program. She has spina bifida and is working towards being independent and being able to take care of her medical needs on her own. She continues to visit the Children's Hospital frequently in order to keep up with her treatments.

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