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Help D Continue To Reach Her Dreams

Posted Oct 9, 2017
"It is not ourselves that are great, but those who are behind us that make us great." D's story is heartbreaking and beyond inspiring. And after you read her story, we know you'll want to help. This amazing young woman has persevered through some of the worst trauma imaginable and today, thanks to a village of support, is a force of strength, love and hope. She just graduated college and has an amazing job offer at a financial institution but she needs a car to get there. Nothing fancy at all - just something to get her to and from work. We would tell you her story. But we think it's best in her own words. Here it is: "I am one of eight children, but the only one fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend a four-year university. Growing up was rough. If I wasn't switching schools, I was moving homes. If I wasn't experiencing trauma, I was losing friends because I did not know how to cultivate a healthy relationship. Fortunately, I found an escape by excelling in school and getting involved in sports. Whether it was joining an after-school program, a sports team, or doing community service, I did whatever it took to keep from going home. I did whatever it took to escape the substance abuse, pedophilia, and corporal punishments. While I was young, I was unable to defend myself and I learned that what I wanted in life didn't matter, but I continued to strive to be the perfect kid. I was thought to be the golden child. No matter what went on at home, I aced every class and made every sports team I tried out for, and if I was turned away, I developed my talents and showed my dedication by offering the coaches my time. That’s when I learned that resilience and perseverance can take you anywhere you want in life. My escape soon turned into my savior. I learned valuable life skills from coaches, teammates, mentors and peers. Unfortunately, the skills that got me into college did not get me through college, even though they did help. Often, I found myself depressed, isolated, and always worrying about my future. I was still in sports, but I wasn't excelling academically for a period of time. My tunnel vision had helped me escape from my problems, but it never helped me deal with them. I felt like a fish out of water. Every weekend, everyone would leave the dorms and visit family and friends while I'd spend time think why I wasn't. For years, I kept trying to answer the question what's wrong with me and how can I be normal. I made friends, but the relationships would never last because I was overcompensating for my wrongdoings or being insensitive to their life problems. Come to find out, I was just scared of losing something else or someone else in my life. I had lost my family, my friends, my peace, and sports to a certain degree. While acclimating to college, I had lost my escape. School and sports had always been my therapy and I was failing at both. Fortunately, my school had a program called Guardian Scholars. At first, I didn't even apply because I was embarrassed of being a foster kid. Eventually I did join, but I pushed the people in the group away. I was so worried about the stigma that came with being a foster kid that I had pushed away a family that I had always wanted. Fortunately, Guardian Scholars did not turn their back on me. Over time, they began to fill the voids that my biological family and the foster care system had left me. I was able to value myself once more. Because of Guardian Scholars, I was able to earn my college degree this summer! I remember growing up and having no hot water, no food, and having to use public transportation wherever I went. I thought those days were over but when you don't have financial assistance, leaving college will quickly remind you exactly where you came from. With Guardian Scholars giving me the encouragement I needed, I was able to stay resilient because what I want does matter. I have faith that those days of my childhood will never return because I refuse to allow them to. This fall, I have the opportunity to work for a financial firm and set myself up so that those days stay behind me. Unfortunately, the job requires a car. I am in no financial position to purchase one, and I cannot qualify for a loan, but I'm hoping that with your help it can be possible. I am willing to volunteer, do house work, research, or whatever it takes for your assistance. I ask you to help me strive to be great once more, because it is not ourselves that are great but those who are behind us that make us great. Thank you."

Diamond is 26 years old and lives in Riverside , CA

Diamond is a former foster youth and a recent college graduate. Diamond was also a former student-athlete where she played basketball, she is an amazing athlete and earned varsity letters as a division one athlete three years in a row as a walk-on. Diamond is now entering the job market and has an internship lined up. Diamond also volunteers as a coach for a girls basketball team in the area. Diamond enjoys giving back to younger girls and spending time on the basketball court. Whether it be playing or coaching, the basketball court is her getaway from the day-to-day stress of life. Diamond has a fighting spirit and wants to continue to do good work in her community.

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