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$ 215

Bike and helmet for Jaziyah who loves to ride!

Posted Nov, 6, 2017
Jaziyah has not had a bike of her own due to all the moving around she's had to do and not always living in a safe neighborhood. She is finally in a place where she can have a bike of her own. Jaziyah is looking forward to playing outside and riding bikes with all of the new friends she's making. She also states that having a bike will encourage her to play outside and be happy during the times she gets sad thinking about her family.

Learn More About Jaziyah

Jaziyah is 9 years old and lives in Willingboro, NJ

Jaziyah is a very smart and resilient young lady. She has been in our program since April 2017 and has only been making progress since then. Jaziyah does very well in school - her favorite subject is Math. Last year she got five A's on her report card even though she needed to move in the middle of the year! Jaziyah loves to help around the house. One day she would like to be a chef.

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