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Trip to Babies R Us for Kristen who is making a better life for herself and her son

Posted Nov, 6, 2017
Kristen works incredibly hard to provide the best childhood and memories for her son as possible, because she wants better for him that what she had. She would be so thankful for the chance to go to Babies R Us and pick out toys and clothes for him as he continues to grow. Kristen said, "This gift means being able to get my son some new stuff, I would rather spend it on him because there is nothing I really NEED right now but making my son happy means the world to me."

Learn More About Kristen

Kristen is 20 years old and lives in Wichita, KS

Kristen is a mother of one and is attending Wichita State University. She works for the Wichita State Center for Combating Human Trafficking and is passionate about supporting survivors.

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