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$ 111
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A Ross gift card for Jamal who is in need of new work clothes.

Posted Nov, 14, 2017
Jamal is asking for a Ross gift card to buy new work clothes. Jamal reported to ILP earlier this week and stated that his dress code at work changed and that he is now needing to wear slacks and collared shirts to work. Jamal is asking for a gift card to buy new clothing.
Time Sensitive

Learn More About Jamal

Jamal is 19 years old and lives in Salem, OR

Jamal is a high school senior who is looking to attend college next year to study auto mechanics. Jamal is a great kid who has a great group of friends and holds his families- both bio and foster- close to his heart. Jamal has had several troubles in his life, but he never lets that be an excuse for him to stop fulfilling his goals and dreams. Jamal is working online to complete his high school diploma and he works part time after school at a retail store.

The Wish Story

Nov, 13, 2017

Catholic Community Services - Salem, OR requests this wish for Jamal.

Nov, 14, 2017

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Nov, 15, 2017

Cyndi grants the wish for Jamal! Thanks Cyndi.

Dear Jamal, I hope you get some cool clothes. Keep working hard and know that you have a friend who is on your side and keeps you in their thoughts. Take care, Cyndi

Nov, 16, 2017

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Catholic Community Services - Salem, OR for Jamal.

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