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A new bike for Antonia who walks to work everyday

Posted Aug 6, 2018
Antonia walks back and forth to work everyday. She would love to have a bike to be able to get back and forth a bit quicker. Having a bike would also allow her to get to other places that are a bit outside of her walking comfort.

Antonia is 20 years old and lives in Toms River, NJ

Antonia is a strong resilient young lady, who was recently just returned to her Mother's care. Since returning home Antonia was able to gain employment and walks to work everyday. Antonia is strong willed and yearns for independence. Antonia helps her family financially and is saving her money for a car. Antonia spent many years in Resource Care and still maintains a positive attitude about herself and life.

The Wish Story

DCP&P requests this wish for Antonia.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Anonymous grants the wish for Antonia! Thanks Anonymous.

"Antonia - remember to wear a helmet always! Cycling is so much fun. Enjoy your new bike and newfound freedom. All the best to you, - Leigh"

Noelle sent an update on the wish for Antonia.

"Thank you so very much. "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the DCP&P for Antonia.

Noelle sent an update on the wish for Antonia.

"Thank you so very much! This is so appreciated. "

DCP&P receives the wish!

Antonia receives the gift from DCP&P!

"Thank you so very much!"

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