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Dental Care for Aisa who desperately needs her tooth fixed

Posted Oct 11, 2018
Aisa needs some dental work done very badly. A few years ago her filling fell out, not having the ability to get it fixed, she left it alone. Fast forward to last month while she was flossing and her tooth completely cracked off. In a panic Aisa made an appointment with the dentist. After getting her X-Rays the Dentist informed her that because she never got her fillings put back in, her gums were exposed to bacteria and her tooth had been decaying over time. The Dentist then told Aisa that she needed a root canal and a stag,e two cleaning. Unfortunately her insurance only covers the root canal not the crown that they put over the tooth, and the dentist will not do the root canal without the crown. Aisa will be able to make payments towards all of the work needed, but first has to put down a $500 down payment, and unfortunately that is not in her budget at the moment. AIsa would love to have the ability to get her tooth fixed and not have to live with the discomfort. Wish #1 of 2

Aisa is 23 years old and lives in Riverside, CA

Aisa is a third year sociology major attending University. She plans to go to graduate school after she completes her bachelor studies and enroll in a masters of social work program. Eventually Aisa wants to be a clinical social worker where she will continue to make an impact on her community.

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"May God bless you during the procedure and your studies."

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"Aisa says thank you very much for helping her get her tooth fixed. "

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