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Some special clothes and toys for Deangelo this Christmas

Posted Nov 10, 2018
Deangelo and his siblings are going to get to go back to their mom before the holidays, hopefully. Their mom has tried hard to make sure she can ensure safety. She doesn't have many resources and wants him to feel special in their first holiday with her in several years. She is hoping to get him a few special toys and clothing items to open up this year.

Deangelo is 4 years old and lives in Cincinnati, OH

Deangelo is a spunky, darling boy who loves to be held. He likes school, but would rather be at home relaxing with his family. He likes to play with cars and trucks and knows the name for most construction vehicles.

The Wish Story

Therapeutic Interagency Program requests this wish for Deangelo.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Anonymous grants the wish for Deangelo! Thanks Anonymous.

"Enjoy your holiday and looking handsome in your new outfit."

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Therapeutic Interagency Program for Deangelo.

Therapeutic Interagency Program receives the wish!

Deangelo receives the gift from Therapeutic Interagency Program !

"Thank you so much! These clothes were a perfect gift this Christmas."

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