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A telescope for Leo who loves to read about astronomy.

Posted Nov 14, 2018
Leo is an almost 11 year old who loves to study astronomy. He knows a lot about planets, galaxies and the night sky. He is requesting a wish of a telescope so he can look outside in the night sky. He says when he grows up he would like to be a scientist to study the planets. Leo has overcome many challenges in life. He is above grade level at school and does very well with his work. He loves to read and is always reading. He enjoys science especially astronomy. He likes to discuss about stars and planets. A wish granting him a telescope would make him very happy. As he puts it, "It will be my best gift ever"

Leo is 4 years old and lives in Arlington, TX

Leo came into my home after living in shelters, motels and on the street. He was living with his father and younger sister in a motel when he was taken into foster care a short time ago. Leo's mother does not live with them, having had her parental rights terminated due to drug use. The family has had a long history with CPS for abuse and neglect of Leo and his sister. He talks about his future with passion; about wanting to make good choices so he does not have to be like his parents who made bad choices. He talks about him going to college to get a good job and have a home so he does not have to live on the streets. Leo is very intelligent. He does well in school with good grades. He is very active and he must always have a toy to play with in his hands. He is very anxious. He likes dinosaurs. He states "I know everything to know about dinosaurs". He also likes to take apart things and rebuild them. He says he would like to have lego building sets and dinosaur puzzles for Christmas. He stated he really would like to have a couple set of Wonder Gears to build his on community. He saw another child with this building system and said "I wish I could have one like that more than anything".

The Wish Story

The Homes for Children Corporation requests this wish for Leo.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Samantha grants the wish for Leo! Thanks Samantha.

"Hello Leo, I am granting you this wish in honor of a special person in my life. He has shared stories of growing up much like you and it has definitely touched me. I am sure that like him you are going to rise up and show the world that this has only made you stronger. Enjoy your telescope Leo. Keep reaching for the stars! "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the The Homes for Children Corporation for Leo.

The Homes for Children Corporation receives the wish!

Leo receives the gift from The Homes for Children Corporation!

"Thank you for allowing Leo to become the little explorer. He will be so excited to receive his new telescope."

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