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An exercise and activity center with a playmat for baby Kamari to learn to stand and bounce

Posted Nov 15, 2018
Infant activity and exercise centers provide a variety of fun, physical activities to promote healthy development and a lifelong love of movement. The ExerSaucer Double Fun Bumbly Saucer has a Stage One Playmat that Kamari can use to enjoy tummy time and build core and neck muscles by reaching for toys. The Stage Two Saucer will allow Kamari to play safely, standing up while rocking, spinning and bouncing as grows so that he can build leg strength and balance to be ready to walk. This ExerSaucer has a lot of stimulating toys to build fine and gross motor skills and stimulate his imagination.

Kamari is 10 months old and lives in Atlanta, GA

Baby Kamari is a sweet, active baby. He is growing quickly and is meeting his developmental milestones. He is now able to hold up his head and is taking more of an interest in his environment. He has a secure attachment to his mother, and she and his father work hard to keep a safe stable home for him. Both of his parents work and share the childcare for Kamari so that he is able to stay at home. He is a great eater and is in good health.

The Wish Story

Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Teen Parent Connection requests this wish for Kamari.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Anonymous grants the wish for Kamari! Thanks Anonymous.

"Kamari, you're growing fast! You'll be walking and running before you know it. In the meantime enjoy some tummy time on the playmat! "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Teen Parent Connection for Kamari.

Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Teen Parent Connection receives the wish!

Kamari receives the gift from Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Teen Parent Connection!

"What a fun gift for Kamari! He is enjoying it so much and it keeps him occupied while his Mom is busy with her school work. She also enjoys getting on the floor and playing with him and his big brother thinks it's great to have something fun to do with Kamari. Your gift made the whole family feel special. Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. Your thoughtfulness will not be forgotten. Molly "

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