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An iPad for Taron who works hard in therapy

Posted Dec 4, 2018
Taron has recently been diagnosed with Autism. He has always struggled in school, but now we have discovered the reason. Taron would really benefit from having an iPad for home use, as this is the tool he uses in school, and the apps are easily organized, predictable, and accessible. The apps also help to break learning down into discrete chunks and topics so Taron can enjoy independent learning, as well as leisure time. An iPad will provide for Taron's educational needs and for endless learning possibilities.

Taron is 11 years old and lives in Fort Worth, TX

Taron is a very sweet boy. He was recently diagnosed with Autism. He has a big heart and tries to help out wherever he can. He struggles sometimes with making friends because he tends to shy away. He likes asking many questions.. He enjoys building with Legos, coloring, watching TV and playing video games.

The Wish Story

The Homes for Children Corporation requests this wish for Taron.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Anonymous grants the wish for Taron! Thanks Anonymous.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the The Homes for Children Corporation for Taron.

The Homes for Children Corporation receives the wish!

Taron receives the gift from The Homes for Children Corporation!

"Taron was excited to receive his iPad! He says Thank you very much! He is already asking his mom to add his favorite apps from school."

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