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DVD player for Maegan who loves watching movies

Posted Dec 12, 2018
Maegan was given an older TV, however, it cannot connect to the internet or cable so she is not able to watch anything on it. She would love a DVD so she is able to watch cool movies, and maybe even have friends over for a movie night!

Maegan is 20 years old and lives in Charlotte, NC

Maegan is in foster care and is sad to be separated from her younger siblings, who will be adopted soon. One of her parents committed suicide, and her other parent is unable to be stable to care for her due to substance use. Maegan is working on completing high school. She is working very hard on this, as well as looking for a job that isn't too fast paced for her.

The Wish Story

Florence Crittenton Services requests this wish for Maegan.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Faith grants the wish for Maegan! Thanks Faith.

"Hey Maegan! I hope you and your friends have an amazing time and lots of laughs together watching movies. Remember that you are loved and seen and important. I'm praying for you!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Florence Crittenton Services for Maegan.

Florence Crittenton Services receives the wish!

Maegan receives the gift from Florence Crittenton Services !

"Maegan was so Thrilled to get this to share with her peers for group activities! She said "thank you very much!!""

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