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A laptop for Paul who is working hard in school

Posted Jan 7, 2019
I am sending this request because we are currently assisting a senior in High School who we feel passionate about helping with his request for a laptop. Since being placed in the custody of DCP&P, Paul has lived in four different homes. When CASA was assigned his grades at school had taken a nose dive and he was living in a foster home that was not conducive for doing school work. However, CASA learned that prior to being put in foster care he had been college bound and had had a good school resume. Now Paul is living in a supportive foster home and his entire school team are collaborating to help him repair his grades in order to be eligible to attend college. His latest report card had no grades below a C, and he had a cumulative grade average of above 80, with very encouraging comments from all his teachers. However, the latest setback has been the demise of his lap top. Currently Paul is borrowing computers and staying late in school in order to complete important senior year school assignments. Having his own would be incredible helpful for him to continue on this path!

Paul is 18 years old and lives in Garfield , NJ

Paul, was placed in the custody of DCP&P early in 2017, when he was 15 years old, after his paternal grandmother who was caring for him at the time, was moved to an assisted care facility due to a broken hip and Alzheimer’s. The grandmother subsequently died later that same year. Paul’s mother had previously passed away in 2006 and his father in 2016. Despite living in a chaotic home for many years Paul has continued to apply himself in positive directions and his teachers see that he has great potential. Paul was very happy recently because he just landed his first job in a large pharmacy helping with the check out and stocking shelves. He is going to work over the Winter break and then on weekends during the school semester.

The Wish Story

*OSW Account grants the wish for Paul! Thanks *OSW Account.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the CASA of Bergen County for Paul.

Ellen sent an update on the wish for Paul.

" Paul sent this note to CASA - Thank you again for the additional funds necessary to get me my computer. It has put me back up and running with everything that I need to do for school and home. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift. "

Ellen sent an update on the wish for Paul.

"February 14, 2019 One Simple Wish Foundation Re: Laptop Computer Grant for Paul of Bergen County Dear OSW Foundation, I am the CASA volunteer who has worked with Paul these past two years. I wanted to drop a line to thank you for your recent grant of funds to purchase a laptop for him. His old PC permanently crashed last fall leaving Paul unable to complete computer-based school assignments at home. As a result, Paul spent many afternoons using school computers during after school hours so that he could stay current with his assignments. Your donation has resolved that inconvenience, but even more important, it has provided Paul with possibly the single most important tool he will need when he enters college next fall. In 2019, laptops are more common in college classrooms than pencils. One final note, when visiting Paul last week, he lamented how nice it was to have the laptop to do a recent history project as a PowerPoint presentation, not as a poster board. Definitely the right tool for the job! Again, on behalf of Paul, myself, and Bergen CASA, many thanks for your generosity. Kind Regards, Charlie Rann "

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