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A Panera Gift Card for Ryder who would like to take his brother to lunch

Posted Jan 24, 2019
Ryder’s brother comes to visit every week and he thought it would be fun to be able to take him to lunch, so for his wish, he is asking for a Panera gift card. Ryder and his brother love their mac and cheese!

Ryder is 10 years old and lives in Beaumont, CA

Ryder's favorite thing about school this year is his teacher. He really likes his teacher and he also likes playing kickball at recess time. Ryder says there is a lot of nice kids in his class and he feels happy there. When Ryder grows up he wants to be an F.B.I. agent so he can investigate crime and catch the bad guys. He watches way too much T.V., but at least he’s got a goal! When Ryder has free time he likes to play basketball or build something out of Lego’s.

The Wish Story

Childhelp Merv Griffin Village requests this wish for Ryder.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

An Awesome Human grants the wish for Ryder! Thanks An Awesome Human.

"Ryder: It's so fantastic that your brother comes to visit! How fun! I have a niece and she, too, is all about the mac and cheese at Panera. Have a good time with your brother. Here's a joke to tell him: How do astronauts organize a party? They PLANET!!! get it???? wishing you a great 2019! Jill from Detroit, Michigan."

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Childhelp Merv Griffin Village for Ryder.

Childhelp Merv Griffin Village receives the wish!

Ryder receives the gift from Childhelp Merv Griffin Village!

"One Simple Wish, Ryder cannot wait until next weekend when he can take his brother to Panera for lunch. You have made this young man very happy and given him something to look forward to. Thank you"

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