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A Trip to Disneyland for Keaunna who loves Princessees

Posted Jan 31, 2019
Keaunna has never been to an amusement park. She has heard about Disneyland, but has never experienced it. She said that she has been on one roller coaster in her life. She said that there was an event in which there was a small roller coaster in a parking lot. She has never experienced the excitement of a roller coaster at an amusement park. Keaunna would love to go to Disneyland to meet all the Princesses!

Keaunna is 10 years old and lives in Victorville, CA

Keaunna is an adorable little girl who has a positive view on life. For example, she is happy when she completes her homework, cleans her room and goes to the park with the foster family. She loves to go in the park and play on the swings, and spending that time with the foster family together. She loves to color. When she returns home from the school, she quickly goes to access her crayons and coloring books. She loves coloring books which includes princesses.

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"Keaunna went to Disneyland with her foster family and loved it. She said that she stayed at Disneyland until it closed. She said she went on the scary rides, like Splash Mountain. She was so happy to go to Disneyland. Thank you for that wonderful experience. "

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