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Zoo Passes for Devante who loves animals

Posted Mar 27, 2019
Since Devante was assigned a CASA, she has been opening new experiences to Devante. Devante gets excited at every new activity they do. They recently went to an animal shelter and he was fascinated with the animals. Other than the animal shelter outing, he has had limited exposure to real-life animals. He had so much fun at the shelter, his CASA believes a day at the zoo would be invaluable to him. She hopes it will continue to spark his interest in animals and inspire him to also read more. He also doesn't have a lot to talk about or share with his classmates but since the outing to the shelter he has become more animated and can at least talk about the cats and dogs he saw. The CASA hopes the trip to the zoo will open up a whole new world and interest in animals!

Devante is 5 years old and lives in San Diego, CA

Devante is an engaging little boy who delights in the attention he receives. He is playful, energetic and loves to learn new things. He is a great big brother, and assists with his two year old sister. Devante adores animals and would be fascinated by the uniqueness of each zoo animal and take full advantage of the experience. His CASA has found that he has had little experience visiting the places that young children have typically enjoyed.

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"Devante, our family loves the zoo as well. It is a favorite outing for our children and we hope that it sparks your love for animals. We love the San Diego Zoo and hope you get to visit and be amazed! Love, the Jessen family"

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"My CASA and I went to the Zoo on Saturday. There were so many animals that I got to see. My favorites were the monkeys and the tigers. I like to elephants too. Thank you for buying me tickets. I am hoping I get to go again soon."

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