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A New Wardrobe for Alex who is gender questioning

Posted Feb 28, 2019
Alex was struggling in a new foster home, and eventually it was discovered that the foster parents were very strict about traditional gender roles. Once Alex was placed in a more liberal environment, they have blossomed. Alex was born a female but is currently testing the waters about gender and considering transitioning to male. Alex identifies as non-binary today. Alex has no masculine/androgynous clothing to wear and would absolutely be thrilled about some new clothes. You could make such a difference in this teen's life by acknowledging that they matter and they matter enough to dress the way they want to.

Alex is 17 years old and lives in North Vernon, IN

Alex has stayed in a psychiatric facility for the past few years because they struggle with suicidal thoughts/ideation. Their mother struggles with drug addiction and their father has been incarcerated for most of their life. They have a younger brother and older sister also in care. Several months ago, Alex made enough progress to "step down" into a foster home and they initially did well there. As time went on, Alex began going downhill fast, and it was discovered that the foster family was very strict about traditional gender roles and Alex was questioning gender identity. Today, Alex identifies as non-binary, prefers to go by "Alex" and prefers the pronoun "they." Alex is in a new, supportive, foster home and they are absolutely thriving.

The Wish Story

CASA requests this wish for Alexis.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Nikisia grants the wish for Alex! Thanks Nikisia.

"Be true to yourself no matter what other people say. It matters not what a person looks like but the actions they take. People will hate your life choices but it’s ok. Live your truth and your life to the fullest. "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the CASA for Alex.

CASA receives the wish!

Alex receives the gift from CASA !

"Alex is going to have the best shopping trip of their life. Thank you so very much for granting this wish!"

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