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Professional clothes for Monica who worked hard to get her dream job

Posted Mar 20, 2019
Monica worked incredibly hard through college and graduate school to earn the degree of her dreams! And with that came the job of her dreams! She is working as a clinical social worker for teens in foster care, however she feels like she isn't able to dress professionally enough for her to be comfortable in her role. She would love some support for professional clothes.

Monica is 26 years old and lives in San Diego , CA

Monica loves traveling, hiking, ceramics, and scuba diving! She aged out of foster care at 18 and made it through undergraduate and getting an Ivy League masters degree without any parental support. She recently graduated and is so excited to finally have her dream job. All of her hard work feels like it is finally paying off and everything is settling into place!

The Wish Story

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SARAH grants the wish for Monica! Thanks SARAH.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the OSW Advisory Council for Monica.

SARAH sent an update on the wish for Monica.

"I’m so impressed with your perseverance and fortitude! You’ve clearly been through a lot and were able to get two degrees without parental support — how impressive!!! Congrats on your dream job, you certainly deserve it. Keep up the hard work and go get some awesome new clothes for your job. You’re a rockstar, don’t forget that!"

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