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Summer Camp for Beauty who struggles to make friends

Posted May 15, 2019
Due to her shyness, Beauty struggles to make friends. Her foster mother feels that a summer camp would provide Beauty with an opportunity to develop interpersonal skills and interact with children her age in a social setting. Beauty has selected a summer camp that feels looks exciting and interesting to her. Although she is nervous, she is looking forward to new adventures. The Summer Camp is a 10 week program, with different themes each week.

Beauty is 13 years old and lives in Cincinnati , OH

Beauty is a sweet young lady with a heartwarming smile. She came into foster care due to issues of abuse and neglect. She was first cared for by an aunt who was not able to continue to meet her needs due to her own work schedule. Beauty has been in the same foster home since coming into care in August 2018. Beauty is in permanent custody of the county and has very little contact with her biological family. Beauty is smart and very much applies herself in her academics. She gets only A's and B's on report cards. She also loves to dance and has a desire to join her school dance team or cheer-leading squad. Due to Beauty's shyness, she struggles with making friends. Beauty actually prefers to spend her free time with her foster mother and the two are very bonded with one another. They enjoy cooking and shopping with one another. However, her foster mother does encourage Beauty to get involved in extracurricular activities and to spend time with peers.

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"I hope you have a great time at camp!"

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