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New Shoes to help boost Eathen's confidence

Posted Aug 13, 2019
Eathen is about to begin school for the first time away from home. In the past, Eathen has been traumatically bullied while in school and is fearful of being at a school where he does not know anyone. Eathen's self esteem has been extremely effected by this fear. We would like Eathen to enter the school year both confident and excited. With his love of sports, we thought it would be great to gift him with a new pair of Jordans. He has been raving about Jordans since he came to us and has always wanted a pair, but new his family could never afford them. These shoes would allow Eathen to enter the upcoming school year with an excitement and confidence that he has never experienced in a school setting before. It will also give him extra motivation and encouragement to continue towards his dream of being a professional basketball player.

Eathen is 12 years old and lives in Grand Terrace, CA

Eathen is far from home. He came to us about a two months ago from San Francisco County and has been having a rough time. Eathen is extremely homesick and misses his family. His foster parents have been amazing with him and helping him with the transition and coping skills he is in need of. Eathen loves sports. He is always wearing basketball gear and is begging to go play at the local court. He is a pretty talented kid and has the dream of one day playing as a professional. Eathen is also extremely observant. He notices the smallest things about his surroundings and finds beauty in everything around him.

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