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Help Htet Htet finish her last college semester

Posted Aug 9, 2019
Htet Htet recently was hit with some devastating news. She may need to withdraw from college, just one semester short of graduation. This all started when she found out that her student loans for the summer did not apply as they should have, all because she was forced to drop one class because the textbooks were too expensive. Since her summer loans were not effective, she now has to pay the full balance before she is able to choose her fall schedule. This is her last year of school and she don’t want to be pushed behind because she can’t afford this back-payment. She has scholarships that are coming in, but they can’t be applied until the fall starts. And if she is not in class, she will lose those scholarships . Let's get Htet Htet back in school!

Htet Htet is 24 years old and lives in Pineville , LA

Htet Htet is a strong youth advocate. She is equipped with a combined 11 years of lived and professional experience in fighting for the voice of foster youth. She has participated in countless legislative and training work on the local, state, and national level. Htet Htet believes in bringing the voice of people’s experiences to make affective change within the foster care world. She used hers at the White House and Congress to bring awareness to a needed case management system update. Htet Htet has also consulted and brought perspective to various states on their aging out population. Currently, she is working on revamping the state of Louisiana’s ‘Peer Support Representative’ and the Independent Living Program. In her spare time, Htet Htet enjoys competing in pageants. She utilizes the stage and persona of a beauty queen to show the world that anyone can accomplish anything. That no matter where you are from, or the background you have, you can achieve success.

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"Hi Htet Htet. I just had to take a semester off from school because of family issues, and that was hard enough. I would be devastated if I had to face quitting with one semester to go...so I just couldn't pass up granting your wish. Good luck with all your classes! I'll be thinking of you when I'm buried in homework next month. :)"

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