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Driving Lessons for Serenity's Birthday

Posted Sep 4, 2019
Serenity is turning 17 this November and would love to obtain her drivers license. Serenity has shown a great amount of growth over this last year and is ready to take the next steps towards adulthood by obtaining a job. She does not want to inconvenience her foster parents who are caring for other youth and has been taking a bus to job interviews when she can. By obtaining a drivers license, Serenity will be able to continue her growth and sense of responsibility.

Serenity is 17 years old and lives in Grand Terrace, CA

Serenity has been with us a year this December and has not had the easiest time. Serenity came to us in the midst of her teenage years which are hard enough. She has severe trust issues, post traumatic stress and has had a hard time with school. When we first met her she was two whole years behind in school. Now, almost a year later, Serenity has made amazing progress and is now working at her grade level. Serenity still battles with the aftermath of her trauma on a consistent basis, but is with a family who has been patient with her and has helped her so much in this last year. Serenity loves to write. When she grows up she wants to write her story in hopes it will help others. In addition to being an author, Serenity has recently expressed her interest in becoming a teacher to help youth like her and give them the support they need to succeed. Serenity has grown so much as a young women and continues to grow every day.

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Daniel grants the wish for Serenity! Thanks Daniel.

"Serenity - We were inspired by your story and how far you have come. We hope you enjoy the driving lessons and wish you the best in the future. -Daniel and Eva"

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Serenity receives the gift from The Heart Matters Foster Family Agency!

"Thank you so much for granting Serenity's wish. She is extremely excited to start this journey. "

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