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A Gift Card for Kenzee who needs a new cell phone

Posted Sep 10, 2019
Kenzee's cell phone is broken, and she is currently using packing tape to hold the screen on. She is 8 months pregnant, and relies on her phone for transportation, scheduling meetings, etc. She would really like to replace her phone before the baby is born and would be grateful for any help getting that done.

Kenzee is 19 years old and lives in Salem, OR

Kenzee is about to become a new mom! She is very excited to welcome a little girl into the world. She is currently working on finding a new job that will support her once she has her baby. She is a very diligent and hard working young lady. She plans on returning to college next year to pursue her bachelor's degree in Psychology and go on to get her master's degree. She states she wants to give back to youth like her in the form of being a psychologist. She is greatly supported by the people in her life and she in return supports family and her boyfriend with encouragement and advice.

The Wish Story

Catholic Community Services requests this wish for Kenzee.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Cassandra grants the wish for Kenzee! Thanks Cassandra.

"Kenzee, I wish you an easy delivery and a bright future for your young family. Please take care and be sure to ask for as much help as you can get! (Every new mother’s right!) Cassie"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Catholic Community Services for Kenzee.

Catholic Community Services receives the wish!

Kenzee receives the gift from Catholic Community Services !

"Thank you so much! Kenzee really needs a new phone and she appreciates this so much!"

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