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A Weighted Blanket for Lucas who loves Super Mario

Posted Nov 6, 2019
Lucas loved to play Super Mario and he loves sleeping with a weighted blanket. A weighted blanket really helps our children at the shelter help to get a restful nights sleep when it can be very hard after traumatic events. Unfortunately the shelter Lucas is staying in does not have enough blankets for everyone yet so there's a lot of sharing. Lucas has asked for his very own weighted blanket for Christmas and this Super Mario one will be the perfect one for him!

Lucas is 8 years old and lives in Kerrville, TX

Lucas is a ball of high energy! He loves playing with his Pokemon Card Collection and playing any game with Mario in it! He wants to be an archaeologist when he grows up so he can dig up fossils. He doesn't let anything get him down or stop him, besides maybe the dark, but he's stocked with night lights for that!

The Wish Story

K'STAR Inc. requests this wish for Lucas.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Christy grants the wish for Lucas! Thanks Christy.

"Hey, you have excellent taste. Mario is awesome, that's a fact! "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the K'STAR Inc. for Lucas.

K'STAR Inc. receives the wish!

Lucas receives the gift from K'STAR Inc.!

"Thank you so much!"

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