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A Laptop for Harven to Skype his family and apply to college

Posted Jun 29, 2020
Harven needs a laptop of his own after needing to return his borrowed DOE tablet. As a rising senior, it is essential for him to be able to connect to summer enrichment programs and continue to access schoolwork online during his upcoming senior year. A laptop can help him with his research of different colleges as well as make it more accessible for him to able to apply to college online. He wants to be able to look up different types of business programs he would like to study while in college as well. He also hopes that he can use his laptop to stream soccer games and learn more about how he can excel in the sport that he wants to play in college. A laptop would also make it easier for him to keep in touch with his family in Haiti; he would be able to Skype with them and see their faces.

Harven is 18 years old and lives in Brooklyn, NY

Harven is an amazing smart and talented rising senior who plans on going to college in one year. He is very excited about figuring out what he field he will study and which college is best for a future career in business. He loves soccer and loves any change he can get to watch and play soccer. He hopes that he will be able to make the soccer team at his future college, and he hopes that his family in Haiti will be able to watch him play via live stream one day. He currently lives with his foster family in Brooklyn.

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