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A Wi-Fi Hotspot and Service for Clarissa who is trying to succeed at Distance Learning

Posted Sep 14, 2020
Unfortunately, Clarrissa has poor internet service at her home. She constantly freezes and gets kicked out of her Zoom calls while trying to participate in online learning and interact with her Mentoring and Scholarship program. Her family requested Hotspot support from their District Office back in August, but 1000 Hotspots are still on back order with no estimated time of arrival. Clarrissa would like a Hotspot and monthly service for two months while they wait for their district to provide help.

Clarrissa is 17 years old and lives in Lake Elsinore, CA

Clarrissa is a junior in high school in Lake Elsinore. She hopes to become a graphic designer after graduation and has enjoyed the graphic design and screen printing classes that she has taken throughout high school. She is active in her school orchestra and band and loves to play the clarinet. Clarrissa is also in her third year as part of the Give Something Back Mentoring and Scholarship Program. She has been an integral part of our monthly academic and life skills mentoring sessions for the past three years and has acted as a leader in our program.

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"Hey Clarissa, I hope this helps make school a little easier for you... I know how frustrating it is to have calls freeze. School is stressful enough! I'm excited you want to be a graphic designer. I'm a copywriter and designer and there will always, always be work for graphic designers so it's a great choice! My trick to getting ahead is to always deliver work that's one notch better than whatever someone asked for. Surprise & delight. :-) You got this! I'm cheering you on. Much love!"

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