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OT and PT supplies

Posted Nov 29, 2020
With John's needs for occupational and physical therapy, there are some supplies the foster family could use to help him get stronger and on track developmentally. With supplies in the home, John would have extra therapy time to build his muscle strength and work on his coordination skills.

John is 5 months old and lives in Cincinnati, OH

John was born addicted to drugs and had a long hospital stay. Since coming home, he has gained weight and is doing well developmentally. Recently, he was screened and is needing occupational and physical therapy services due to some muscular issues going on.

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"Happy Holidays !"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Necco for John.

Necco receives the wish!

John receives the gift from Necco !

"Foster parents are excited about the gift card and are ordering supplies now! They say thank you!"

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