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A Laptop for Christian to finish school and pursue his real estate license

Posted Nov 30, 2020
Christian has been tossed all around the school system over the past months- with COVID and various restrictions, his laptop has been given to him through the school, but he is only able to use it for school websites. He is unable to use it for research on things like getting his real estate license, and obtaining his driver's permit. The school will be requiring this laptop back in the next couple of weeks as he moves and changes schools again. He would greatly benefit from a laptop that does not depend on his school, that he can use for education and employment purposes.

Christian is 18 years old and lives in Fairfax, VA

Christian is an ambitious young man who always works quickly to accomplish his goals. He is working on getting back into school, but with moving again and managing life during the pandemic, there have been delays, at no fault of his own. He has a desire to become a real estate agent, and is working on finishing his 12th grade in order to pursue this dream.

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"Christian, I wish you all the best as you pursue education and employment opportunities! Stay motivated, you're going to do great things! "

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