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Sippy cups for Deonta who loves to explore

Posted Jan 13, 2021
Deonta usually eats in his living space area, but on occasion, he eats in the "big people's cafeteria". He wishes for sippy cups to use when he eats with the big people, so he doesn't spill his drink all over the cafeteria. He's excited to feel more like a big boy with his new blue and green cups!

Deonta is 2 years old and lives in Charlotte, NC

Deonta is in a new environment and is walking around like everything is amazing. He is quiet and he just stares as he get used to his new place. He is very quiet right now. Who knows when this will end? He enjoys snack time and chicken nuggets when he can get them. He is happy to be where his mommy is and he knows his mommy loves him. He hopes to start going to "school" soon, but he first needs to adjust to his new home first. Exploring describes him well right now.

The Wish Story

Florence Crittenton Services requests this wish for Deonta.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Erin grants the wish for Deonta! Thanks Erin.

"I hope you like your cups!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Florence Crittenton Services for Deonta.

Florence Crittenton Services receives the wish!

Deonta receives the gift from Florence Crittenton Services !

"Deonta's mom was more excited about these cups than Deonta! His mom knew spillages were going to be cut back! Thanks for brightning Deonta's day and his mom!!"

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