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A BMX Bike for Kaitlyn who is struggling with self confidence

Posted Jun 3, 2021
Doctors have recently told Kaitlyn and her family that she needs to lose weight because she is high risk for multiple illnesses. This made her feel lonely and depressed at first, then she found her love of animals. She has used this love to help her exercise and lose weight. While she has done well, she continuously struggles to lose weight and is looking for fun ways to get in her daily exercise. Her foster siblings all have bikes and she would love to ride around with them. The BMX bike would not only help her lose weight, but will strengthen the bond between her and her foster siblings which will create a more stable, loving environment.

Kaitlyn is 16 years old and lives in Grand Terrace, CA

Kaitlyn entered care at a young age and has bounced around multiple homes over the years. She came to a new foster family agency in the middle of the pandemic and is struggling to feel comfortable in fear of being moved to another home, yet again. Kaitlyn also has troubles with anxiety, depression, and self-confidence. Since moving in with her new foster family, she has been able to start therapy and participates in the equine program. She has a new found love of animals and is determined to become healthy so she continue to work with animals in the future.

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