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A discovery playhouse for Serenity to keep reaching her therapy goals

Posted Jul 16, 2021
Serenity's wish would be a toddler play set to play outside until it gets cold and then be moved inside. The play set would help her to continue to develop her gross motor skills. She will even be able to incorporate her playhouse into her Early Intervention therapy sessions. It will also be something that can be used for several years to come.

Serenity is 1 year old and lives in Collinsville, IL

Serenity is a quiet and happy baby. Her favorite thing is to be held in a baby carrier or to just be close to her foster mom. She enjoys watching her many older brothers and sisters and loves riding in the wagon with them. She enjoys being outside and going to the park. Serenity has significant delays and has speech, developmental, occupational and physical therapy every week. She has made HUGE leaps and is walking now!

The Wish Story

Equipping the Called Foster and Crisis Closet requests this wish for Serenity.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Tim grants the wish for Serenity! Thanks Tim.

"Being able to play and have fun while doing therapy makes a huge difference; I work on my own therapy every day and hope this brings joy to everyone involved. Our differences make us special, Serenity you have a unique experience and journey that sparks joy and wonder in others. Have fun playing, and remember you are worthy of everything good in this world."

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Equipping the Called Foster and Crisis Closet for Serenity.

Equipping the Called Foster and Crisis Closet receives the wish!

Serenity receives the gift from Equipping the Called Foster and Crisis Closet!

"Thank you so much for granting Serenity’s wish. As you can see the pure joy in her playing outside. She has been spending hours in her discovery playhouse which is so great for her development. Thank you!"

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